Early Dawn Punggol Park Connector
The Early Morning Mist of Punggol Park Connector in a December Morning

Initially, many complained about the lack of facilities, e.g. seats along pathway, trees and the narrow pathway for both cyclists, runners and walkers.

Punggol Park Connector is growing very well over the past 2 years. A very well designed cycling and running pathway that merged waterway and forest in a most exquisite and fun way, without disturbing the nature’s call and existence. It allows Otters to come sunbathing by the river’s bank, flowers to flourish and trees to grow tall and wide.

These had grown to additional cycling pathway and widening of the existing pathway as well as planting more trees and plants to provide shades and greenery.

These park connectors are very brilliant plan for Singapore. Plenty of spaces for exercising, enjoying the greens and community building activities. We really should treasure this community living mixing with the greens.

Can we keep this beautiful park with sustainable economy growth?



Simultaneously, it also allows re-generating of vegetation growth and endangered plant species, attracting all kind of birds and animals to reside along the park.

In addition, more greenery growth means helping the cities to reduce carbon dioxide, heat and also a suitable mental de-stressing environment. With the COVID ongoing situation, park connector has become a breath of new fresh air for all to enjoy and a relieve from the stress that came with it.

However, the island cannot stand still without economy growth, sustainable population growth and building up infrastructure to support all of us living in Singapore.

Our forests are depleting very fast as well, giving way to modern buildings and residential blocks. This is a heavy sacrifice to the economy growth. Yet, we are not able to survive as a nation if there is barely any economy growth each year. Our national savings will be depleted very fast too, as we have seen in 2020 additional budget to sustain the nation, due to COVID situation.

There are also a growing concern about whether Singapore can stay true as a Green Island. Are we going to give that up for an increasing fast pace high technology advancement, which needed more use of energy to keep pace with changes around the world and modernisation of infrastructures?

There are many suggestion on preserving forest and bring more greenery to Singapore. One of the commentary by Assoc Prof Yun Hye Hwang of National University of Singapore in an article “Commentary: Save forests or build 4-rooms? It’s not a zero-sum game.” dated 12 December 2020 published by Channel New Asia website online, https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/commentary/clementi-forest-conservation-heritage-wildlife-biodiversity-park-13751004, mentioned planners “have sought to build the town around it, not over it.”

This is good news because there are concerns and solutions as well. Our island should be able to sustain a balance between economy growth and keeping the greenery to have a holistic balanced and sustainable living.

What can we do as individual? We can support by keeping the park clean, use it wisely and leave it naturally without disturbance to the animals and plants that are residing there too. We can also have more plants growing at home, if we have space and green hands. It can be therapeutic to the mind.

We should also be more aware of our energy usage at home. Ensure that our air conditioners are cleaned regularly to keep it working well and not choked with dust. We have to help reduce emitting more carbon dioxide into the environment.

There are more new green technologies coming, for example, solar panelled air conditioners.
In addition, let’s ensure our households appliances are maintained regularly or repaired to continue using effectively.

If this post encourage you to do something, we are a co-operative that focus on bringing more awareness about the climate change, energy efficiency and maintaining a green environment for a sustainable living.

Join us as a member or volunteer to spread the words about sustainable living. Or contact us, https://agape-energy.sg/contact/ for a free energy audit of your house air conditioners.
We look forward to a better and sustainable living in Singapore and hope all will join in to help achieve this.

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